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Dear Customers

Thank you for your concern in Jawal123.com services, here is the definition, goals and services we provide:


  • Is a tool for helping customers to find the most suitable mobiles for them
  • Is a facility to link customers with nearest sellers who have their desired mobiles

Jawal123.com Visitor Services

Jawal123.com provides the following free services for its visitors:

  • Finding mobiles through their specifications
  • Learning about specifications' meanings and sense
  • Viewing mobile images, screenshots and owners comments
  • Comparing candidate mobiles for purchase
  • Putting two used mobiles for sell

Jawal123.com Shop Services:

Jawal123.com provides shops with the following additional services:

  • Creating a special shop account and exhibiting its address, contacts and work time info
  • Adding new and used mobiles to be viewed by the visitors
  • Adding accessories to be viewed by the visitors
  • Creating its special offers upon its goods to attract customers
  • Viewing shops-special prices which emitted by affiliated wholesalers

In order of credibility assurance, shop account is only available through a coupon number provided by our sales team. If you want to directly joining us please use the contact us page.

Jawal123.com Wholesaler and Agent Services

Jawal123.com provides wholesalers and agents with the following services:

  • Creating a special company account and exhibiting its info to shops and visitors
  • Distributing shop prices to affiliated shops exclusively
  • Adding multiple related showrooms to exhibit company's mobiles and accessories along with its public prices
  • Distinguishing the accredited agents by a special sign attached with its name

If you have a company for importing and distributing mobiles and want to join us, please talk to us through the Contact Us page

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