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General Terms of Use

Please read carefully. If you do not agree to them, do not use this Site. You agree to these terms, if you access or use this Site by doing any of the following, including, but not limited to downloading, storing in cache, displaying or copying any materials on this Site.

  1. The materials contained in this Web Site ("Site") constitute the intellectual property and copyright of Jawal123.com and all information found on this Site is only for personal use and may not be used, sold or redistributed for commercial purposes. You may not download/leach, re-transmit, distribute or commercialize any of the materials without the authority, consent or permission of Jawal123.com.
  2. All information contained in this Site does not constitute professional advice; as such no reliance should be placed on any of the contents of this Site. Jawal123.com will not be responsible for any decision or action taken in reliance of any information, opinion and or advice found on this Site. It will be your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy and usefulness of all information found on this Site and apply your own judgment, skill and care when using or relying on any of the information.
  3. Jawal123.com shall not be responsible for the content truth of any shop (includes but not limits to: existed mobiles and accessories, prices, special offers, used mobiles defects etc…).  Jawal123.com adopts the rule that each seller (shop or wholesaler) is responsible to maintain his or her credibility, integrity and trustworthy among dealers. So Jawal123.com advices you to firstly deal with shops that you already trust.
  4. Jawal123.com shall not be responsible for the content truth of any or used-mobile seller; you must be conscious when you observe the used mobile defects, and their effects on mobile pricing.
  5. Jawal123.com shall not be responsible for the content in any advertisement on its site or any information of the dealers including but not limited to their contact particulars, plans, prices, discounts found on the Site.
  6. Jawal123.com accepts no responsibility for any contents of any third parties' sites linked from this Site or any other sites which provide a link to this Site.
  7. Jawal123.com reserves the right to edit, delete or refuse to post for public viewing any materials supplied to Jawal123.com including, but not limited to any of your feedback, letters, and forum postings.
  8. Any content submitted to Jawal123.com, becomes the sole property of Jawal123.com and cannot be used in parts or in whole without Jawal123’s consent. All such content expresses the views and opinions of their authors and Jawal123.com will not be held responsible for any offensive or racist materials posted.
  9. These terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Canad and any litigation for any matter relating to the agreement to these terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the state laws of Canada.

If you have any questions concerning the usage or licensing of Jawal123.com trademarks or copyrights, or would like to request permission to use any Jawal123.com materials, Please contact us.

Additional Terms of Use for members

Members are personnel that have signed up in our site, including:

  • Visitors who like to add comments and share their experiments on mobiles
  • Shops and wholesalers
  1. Jawal123 management asks you to remove your mobiles from the site as soon as you sell it
  2. Jawal123 is religions and politics independent site. So it prohibits discussing any religion or politics issue, and also prohibits using any impolite image or expression through its pages. Jawal123 management shall suspend or completely terminate the account of anybody how do any of these violations
  3. Its illegal to own more than one account in Jawal123, the site management will close all accounts for members who violate this term

Additional Terms of Use for shops and wholesalers

If you want to join Jawal123 as a shop or as a wholesaler, you should accept the following conditions:

  1. To have a real on-land shop, and to write the true address, and to insert the true shop image.
  2. Jawal123.com shall endeavor to ensure the site security, stability, and high availability. But Jawal123.com shall not be liable for any direct or consequential loss or damage suffered in the event the server is fallen down or failed to respond.
  3. Please consider that Jawal123.com adopts the rule that each seller (shop or wholesaler) is responsible to maintain his or her credibility, integrity and trustworthy among dealers, so Jawal123.com advice you to build and maintain your trustworthy by being truthful when detecting:
    • The mobiles and accessories you have in your shop.
    • The prices of mobiles and accessories, and the special offers attached to them.
    • The used mobiles’ defects.

If you have a shop account and interested in having a wholesaler account, please contact us through the Contact Us page.

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